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 / 20. December 2022.
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Physical and technical security of companies is the primary step if one wants to achieve the highest security of people and immovable property. For large companies, it is one of the key priorities, in addition to the protection of the information system and business data.

However, many entrepreneurs ignore the natural fear that someone could make an unauthorized entry into their workplace and cause damage.

Considering that the physical and technical security of companies is just an unnecessary additional expense, they do not hire a professional service department. Until an unforeseen accident happens and they suffer serious losses.

An intrusion by vandals usually means physical damage to gates, doors, and locks, but also the theft of inventory, cash registers, supplies, computers, and other property. Illegal misappropriation of computers is particularly risky because all information about the business of the legal entity is stored in them.

And such a loss is not only irreparable but also very dangerous if the data is not saved on the cloud or in another virtual storage!

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However, the most important reason why all companies must have physical and technical security is the protection and inviolability of employees.

This is especially important for companies that operate 24/7, that is, whose working hours are divided into three shifts. The second and third shifts are particularly sensitive from a security point of view. Because, the highest percentage of robberies occur precisely in the evening and night hours.

Therefore, every facility, no matter what activity it performs, should have at least video surveillance, following the example of banks and ATMs surrounded by cameras. Even if only cameras are installed, threats and losses can be prevented. Namely, around the camera will act as a disincentive on potential culprits and, in most cases, deter them from not committing the crime.

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What does the physical and technical security of companies mean?

In addition to other areas of maintenance that it has been dealing with for 20 years, Invekta also has extensive experience in security. We achieve corporate security in several ways, and we adapt the solutions to the type and size of the business facility. If the company is located in several places, we can monitor each of its units and make it safe.

Our licensed engineers and security managers first review the client’s technical equipment and perform a risk assessment. After that, they approach the creation of a detailed plan of physical and technical protection and the elaboration of the operative procedure. Finally, they organize and, with the help of security officers, implement the prescribed measures, that is, implement the given plan.

Physical and technical security of companies includes:

  • video surveillance;
  • alarm system (connected to sensory);
  • physical security;
  • fire protection.
Through the most modern software for monitoring business buildings, work processes, and personnel, our operators 24/7 vigilantly monitor every corner of one or more buildings at the same time.

Thanks to this intelligent solution and connected video, sensor, and alarm system, our crisis management detects any suspicious activity. Especially at critical points in the facility. Thus, it is always ready to react in emergency and potentially dangerous situations.

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Remote monitoring and navigation from our monitoring center are configured according to the object we are in charge of. That’s why they prove to be very effective when it comes to preventing criminal and illegal actions in general.

If they are supplemented by the physical security of accredited, equipped, and experienced personnel from among our employees, the office building is fully protected.

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Who can request private security?

Invekta provides legal entities on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. By implementing modern technical and technological modules of superior performance, reliable methods, and procedures, and in accordance with the Law.

This type of protection (including fire protection) can be claimed by all business entities. Public enterprises and institutions (bureaucratic, medical, educational, sports), commercial and office buildings. Also, transport ports and stations, industrial plants, and warehouses.

According to the developed security plan, security systems are installed around the facility, at the entrance, in corridors, and in other rooms that require increased control.

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Photo: Unsplash, Pawel Czerwinski

Security officers are usually deployed at the entrance/exit and at key points from which they can monitor most effectively. Patrolling is carried out at precisely determined time intervals, in work units that need it. These are: factory plants, warehouses, multi-story buildings, etc.

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To conclude: if you decide on the physical and technical security of companies that Invekta provides, what exactly do you get?

As when contracting other services, we strongly believe in transparency in business, so that the client immediately gets a clear insight into all aspects of service activities.

The physical and technical security of companies and other legal entities that our company carries out includes:

  • preparation of a detailed action plan, with elaboration of security service tactics and defined specific requirements of the client;
  • testing of command, control and communication parameters in the facility;
  • employment of educated persons who have undergone special security training;
  • carrying out periodic checks of the special psychophysical and health competences of hired persons. As well as a criminal record check, at least once a year;
  • availability and quick response of our security team 24 / 7;
  • provision of uniforms and biometric credentials to security employees for easier identification and recognition.

For more detailed information and to arrange the given service, you can contact us via the inquiry form, phone: +381 64 70 595 39 or email: We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you protect people and property in your workplace.

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