What is professional hotel cleaning?

Početna 5 Facade cleaning 5 What is professional hotel cleaning?

Hotel cleaning, motels and other accommodation facilities is a complex and responsible job, which includes many sanitary activities. And they are all common to both small, family hotels with a dozen rooms, as well as large hotel complexes and resorts with hundreds of units. The difference is only in the scope and frequency of cleaning, as well as in the number of persons engaged.

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Maximize positive reviews online with professional hotel cleaning!

At a time when hotel services are searched on sites such as Booking, Trivago, or Trip Advisor, it is clear to hotel management that catering services must not fail in any segment. Especially when it comes to the cleanliness of hotel rooms: lobbies, corridors, elevators, and especially rooms and toilets.

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It is crystal clear: in terms of the impeccable hygiene of the hotel rooms, no concessions must be made!

Hotel guests are brutally honest in their ratings and detailed description of the accommodation. They are especially tireless when it comes to posting photos publicly. And mostly those that show all the hotel’s hygienic and other shortcomings.

Considering the huge reach of comments on the Internet (Google reviews, social networks, etc.), the popular proverb “A good voice can be heard far away, a bad voice is heard even further” should be taken very seriously.

Therefore, if you want to win a respectable place in the extremely competitive hotel market and have a lot of regular guests, you should leave hygiene maintenance to professionals. The cleanliness of your hotel will certainly be noticed and – evaluated with an excellent rating!

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An efficient way for hygienic maintenance of hotels, resorts, motels, and B&BsInvekta’s way!

For twenty years, we have been dedicatedly working to achieve and maintain the highest level of cleanliness in various commercial facilities, including hotels. The domain of our services also includes technical maintenance, video and physical security, Covid-19 disinfection, front and back-office services, paper goods, landscaping and winter service.

For all these tasks, we hire a large number of qualified workers, who execute work orders with the greatest expertise and dedication.

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Hotel cleaning is the pinnacle of our expertise!

In order for your hotel to shine, you can claim from us:

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Regular maintenance of hygiene

The daily hotel cleaning we carry out involves the following series of activities:

  • cleaning of hotel furniture (counters, tables, electronic equipment at the reception, etc.);
  • carpet vacuuming;
  • mopping floors;
  • emptying trash cans;
  • toilet cleaning;
  • regular and timely replenishment of paper products (towels, toilet paper), soap, and alcohol-based disinfectants;
  • disinfection of contact surfaces, most often used (knobs, switches, handrails on stairs, control panels in elevators, etc.).
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Hotel thorough cleaning

Depending on the size and level of occupancy of the hotel, deep cleanings are usually carried out every 3–6 months. They include the above-mentioned jobs:

  • deep washing and disinfection of mattresses;
  • machine washing of carpets and upholstery of hotel furniture (sofa, armchair and chair);
  • machine washing and polishing of hard floor coverings;

but also:

  • window cleaning;
  • cleaning venetian blinds, blinds, ventilation openings, and ceiling installations;
  • cleaning of marble walls, etc.
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Hotels with a higher number of stars certainly put the most emphasis on the cleanliness of the rooms and furniture and often carry out general cleaning. However, it is recommended that lower-ranked hotel facilities do the same. Of course, if they want to not give up in the race, ie if they want to fight for a few more stars.

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Photo: Pixabay, Q K

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Deep washing and disinfection of mattresses

Thorough sanitary treatment of mattresses is the core of the highest level of hotel hygiene. The healthiness of hotel furniture that comes into close contact with the human body is an aspect that should be given the highest attention.

Therefore, hotels that note a high turnover of visitors must make every effort to ensure that the place to sleep is always exceptionally clean and disinfected. The same as the toilet facilities.

Invekta helps them in this with its industrial machines with high suction and disinfection power, but also with professional chemical agents, made according to ISO standards.

After our deep washing and disinfection of mattresses, sofas, and armchairs, everything remains exceptionally clean and fragrant.

Considering that the winter season is at the beginning and that the mountain hotels are quite booked, let’s consult this week and find a mode of maintaining hygiene that is complementary to the requirements of your hotel.

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