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Public garages and parking lots cleaning can only meet the highest cleanliness standards if done regularly. As a manager of such spaces, and as a user of parking services yourself, you are probably aware of this fact.

Why should the appearance of parking areas not be neglected?

Surely, you have encountered numerous times poorly maintained and neglected parking lots. Tire marks, fuel, oil and lubricant stains, coffee spills, sticky chewing gum, mud, leaves, accumulated bird droppings, and faded dividing lines certainly do not contribute to a pleasant sight. The presence of dirt certainly does not enhance visibility and the functionality or usability of the parking lot or garage.

Moreover, if they are accompanied by discarded take-away packaging and other litter, it can only create an impression of neglect for the vehicle parking space.

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Such an image undoubtedly causes insecurity and concern among drivers because it implies a lack of care for the place where they have left their cars. They feel unsafe not only in terms of vehicle damage or even theft but primarily in terms of personal safety while staying in the parking lot.

From this, it follows that cleanliness and safety are closely connected in the subconscious of parking users. Therefore, it is completely understandable that you strive to avoid such conditions in the parking lot or garage under your jurisdiction at all costs.
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Regular maintenance of hygiene – The best way to keep short-term car parking areas in top condition!

Modern above-ground and underground garages and parking lots, single-level or multi-level, are increasingly being constructed in Belgrade and other cities in Serbia due to the growing number of motor vehicle users.

The use of parking lots belonging to commercial facilities (business and shopping malls, hotels, sports halls, etc.) is often free for users of their services. At least for a limited period of time, sufficient for accomplishing their purposes (shopping, work, stay, meetings, etc.).

However, the use of (un)enclosed city-owned parking zones is charged per day or per hour. The same applies to airport parking. That is why it is completely understandable that drivers expect everything to be clean, tidy, and visible when they search for a place to park their cars.

And, machine public garages and parking lots cleaning is the right way to always meet these expectations.

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How is machine cleaning of public garages and parking lots performed?

The maintenance of cleanliness in large vehicle parking areas is determined by several factors:

  • the size and structure of the parking lot or garage;
  • user fluctuation (facility operation);
  • types of vehicles typically parked (cars, trucks, etc.);
  • frequency and extent of dirt accumulation;
  • seasonal variations;
  • degree of surface damage.

After assessing the situation on-site, Invekta’s expert team makes decisions regarding the selection of the most efficient industrial machines, techniques. As well as cleaning agents for a given area. The same applies to planning and scheduling the cleaning process. It can be done weekly, monthly, or quarterly, at the most suitable intervals.

For example, multi-level spaces are cleaned in multiple stages. Often during the night (when fewer vehicles are parked) or with temporary closure of floors.
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Photo: Invekta

The choice of industrial machine type and size (push or ride-on) depends on the surface dimensions, types of dirt and level of contamination. As well as the location. In order to clean all layers of dirt (even in hard-to-reach corners) and provide a final polished finish to the floors, our hygiene technicians work exclusively with machines from reliable manufacturers and models (Wirbel and Ruby).

Because only with a detailed and conscientious approach can we improve the durability and longevity of parking areas and ensure that they not only look impressive but above all, operate reliably. Without the risk of slipping and injuries.

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Cleaning process

After the initial removal of garbage, we first apply the most effective degreaser, a heavy-duty industrial stain remover, and let it act. Then, using high-quality detergents, we perform a thorough surface washing. This includes asphalt, concrete, epoxy, polyurethane, magnesite, acrylic, and other types of surfaces.

We carry out the washing process using ride-on machines (electric or battery-powered) or compact push machines (manually operated). Designed to combine suction, washing, and drying.
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Photo: Invekta

To optimize the effectiveness and leave exceptionally clean and shiny surfaces, we finish by mechanically polishing them evenly. By selecting the appropriate polishing method, brush fineness level, and felts’ abrasiveness, we achieve the best results.

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Public garages and parking lots cleaning – Achieving perfect hygiene in two simple steps

By reading this text, you have already recognized the benefits of regular cleanliness maintenance in public parking lots. As well as on road surfaces and associated sidewalks. Especially during winter.

All you need to do is be proactive: start regular cleaning and stay consistent.

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Photo: Freepik, Fanjianhua

If the public garage or parking lot under your jurisdiction is always clean and well-maintained, drivers will return and prioritize it over competitors nearby. For your company, this means building trust and securing a strong competitive position. And, obviously, generating higher revenue from parking fees.

The first step toward achieving these goals is to reach out to us, and the second step is ours – we will develop a plan that perfectly aligns with your needs and budget.

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