When you need cleaning of business premises, who should you call?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 When you need cleaning of business premises, who should you call?

Cleaning of business premises falls into the category of jobs that require specialized training and the use of industrial tools and machinery. Even though it may seem like „just ordinary sweeping” at first glance.

However, the professionalism with which Invekta has been approaching the maintenance of commercial spaces for twenty years requires much more than just a broom.

You can learn more about our work through the following text and authentic photos from the field.
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How is cleaning of business premises different from household cleaning?

Unlike maintaining hygiene in homes, cleaning of business premises requires a completely different approach. Firstly, it cannot be done haphazardly but according to a precisely planned, controlled procedure within a specified timeframe for each area.

Additionally, the auxiliary tools used are not the same as those intended for household use. Professional cleaning of large commercial spaces involves the use of:

  • professional machines (ride-on and push);
  • janitorial carts;
  • special mops for floor mopping;
  • specialized cloths (sorted by types and colors for each surface);
  • protective equipment, etc.

The actual cleaning is performed with specific movements, precise motions across different parts of the space, and a defined number of repetitions.

The difference also lies in the sanitizing liquids used: they are professional and cannot be purchased in regular supermarkets. Our hygiene technicians undergo extensive training not only in handling machinery and auxiliary tools. But, also in detergents, deep cleaning sanitizers, glossing agents, and disinfectants.

During the program, they learn proper dosage and appropriate ratios of all ingredients to prepare a solution that will best fulfill its purpose. Without causing harm to the treated surface. Whether it is cleaning hard flooring, glass, or leather furniture, the entire hygiene treatment must be carried out at a highly professional level.

cleaning of business premises invekta 4

Photo: Invekta

Many housewives are familiar with the fact that improper selection and handling of chemicals often lead to irreversible damage to bathroom fixtures, sinks, hard furniture surfaces, upholstery, and carpets. Perhaps, as a manager, you yourself have witnessed poor treatment of surfaces during the maintenance of hygiene in your company?

Invekta’s hygiene technicians do not allow such mistakes to occur during the cleaning of business premises, as it would mean irreparable damage to the client. Not to mention the damage to the reputation in the world of facility management!

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Types of treatments for different surfaces and the tools we use

Every business premises requires a thorough observation and consideration of all aspects when forming a plan for its hygiene maintenance. For example, industrial halls and pharmacies, offices and hotel rooms, healthcare facilities and warehouses are not cleaned in the same way.

Business premises have their own specificities and needs, and we adapt to them in order to respond properly. All of this is done with significant assistance from facility management software.

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Cleaning of business premises – Where does it all start?

When a client requests a business offer from us, our expert assessment team gathers preliminary information about the type and size of the premises, as well as the general requirements. Then, we conduct an on-site visit where we assess all the specific characteristics and requirements of the given space (or spaces).

In some commercial facilities, thorough cleaning of long-standing dirt deposits is required, while others may need the removal of impurities from facades, or general cleaning after construction work. It all depends on the level of dirtiness, the size of the space, the accessibility of surfaces. And – the overall condition.

Essentially, the basic division of cleaning of business premises is as follows:

However, even within these categories, there are specific variations in terms of the application of tools/working equipment. For example, what is typically part of general cleaning in offices (machine washing of hard floors) is regular treatment of parking spaces and driving lanes in shopping mall parking lots.

cleaning of business premises invekta 2

Photo: Invekta

Similarly, the chemicals used to clean marble or ceramic tiles in hotel lobbies are not suitable for removing stains from automotive lubricants, tire marks. Or, grease in factory halls. The same chemicals are not applied to glass surfaces (especially those on solar panels) as they are on wood, particleboard, or metal.

Our hygiene technicians are well acquainted with the characteristics and purpose of chemical liquids for sanitization. And, they know exactly which ones to use for a specific item or surface in a facility.

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Machines and liquids we use for cleaning different surfaces

During our twenty years of working with clients from various industries and with different requirements, we have gained valuable insights that have helped us carry out our service activities effectively.

Our industrial vehicle fleet includes professional machines for treating hard floor coverings (washing and polishing) and deep cleaning of carpets / furniture/mattresses. Also, equipment for landscaping and snow removal around business premises. This representative group consists of renowned brands such as Wirbel, Hako, Taski Aero, Kärcher, and others.

cleaning of business premises invekta 3

Photo: Invekta

To always ensure hygiene and disinfection according to prescribed standards, our warehouse is stocked with a wide range of sanitizers and disinfectants. This includes products for floor treatment as well as other surfaces, both from domestic manufacturers and from Germany, Italy, England, and other countries.

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Invekta – The cleaning company for business premises in Serbia you can count on!

There is hardly a type of business premises in our country that we haven’t cleaned or provided another service in:

Invekta has left its mark on high hygiene and disinfection standards in the most important establishments. Including domestic institutions and companies, representative offices of international corporations, newsrooms, office hubs, and more.

For the right team, there are no obstacles: no matter how large and demanding your business premises are, we can complete all tasks efficiently. Therefore, if you have identified a need for any of the mentioned services in your company, feel free to contact us.

We are not hesitant to enter the dirtiest factory plant covered in industrial grease, high silos filled with grains, or halls with worn-out, cracked flooring.

Absolutely nothing is foreign and – complicated to us. These are all spaces where work is done, and therefore, they get dirty. And we are always ready to be there for our clients while they work. Whether it’s in the factory itself, the management offices, or the exterior.

hygiene treatment of office buildings 5

Photo: Invekta

And don’t think that we are not keeping up with modern technologies and not using them to provide the best service to our clients.

On the contrary!

We have incorporated robots for cleaning long, hard-to-reach ventilation ducts within HVAC systems into our work. As well as the aforementioned software for monitoring hygiene maintenance processes.
We gladly provide this software free of charge to users of our services, which they have been using for several years.
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Who are the people behind the clean rooms in your company?

When your employees leave the workspace after a productive day and go on their well-deserved break, equipped with experience, precision, and reliable cleaning tools, our hygiene technicians take over.

There’s Ivana, Mira, Asja, Sandra, Nataša, Slađana, and alongside them, Goran, Šukri, Slobodan, Darko, Jovan, Mihajlo… And, four hundred more!

hygiene treatment of office buildings 6

Photo: Invekta

Spread across business premises in all cities in Serbia, they maintain hygiene and provide you and your employees with a healthy working environment.

You may not always encounter them, but the next morning, you will definitely notice their presence because everything will smell clean and fresh.
And that is where our virtuosity lies: we are almost invisible, but our work leaves a shining trace!

You know the lyrics of a famous song: „One call changes everything.” Experience its truth for yourself: give us a call and allow us to help you with our expertise.

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