General cleaning of the business premises – Is your space ready?

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General cleaning of the workspace has surely been on your mind for a while, especially since spring has recently arrived. And, it’s natural to freshen up not only your living space but also your working environment.

The goal of general cleaning in buildings where a large number of people spend their daily lives is to eliminate environmental pollutants that can have a direct negative impact on health.

Furthermore, tidying up the workspace can make employees more enthusiastic and energetic about their jobs.

Why should you conduct general cleaning of the the workspace at least every six months?

In addition to regular hygiene maintenance, general cleaning of the workspace should be conducted at least once a year. Ideally twice or more frequently if necessary, such as during construction work or relocation.

There are objective reasons for establishing this six-month standard: health and aesthetics.

Health reasons

To protect employees from infectious and other diseases, companies must take all necessary preventive measures. Starting from shared areas such as corridors, dining areas, and restrooms, to communal and individual offices.

Organized and systematic hygiene maintenance is expected daily or two to three times a week, depending on the facility’s requirements. However, without timely and regular thorough cleaning, complete hygienic integrity of the premises cannot be achieved.

Why is that?

Because deep removal of dust, dirt, grease, food residues from carpets, walkways, upholstered furniture (chairs, sofas, couches), as well as residues from footwear, eliminates pathogens and allergens from the entire space.

general cleaning of the workspace invekta 3

Photo: Invekta

It is well-known that many people suffer from various allergies. But even for those who don’t have allergies, long-term exposure to an unhealthy working environment can lead to their development.

Mold, dust mites, spores, germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms are the cause of many respiratory acute infections and chronic diseases. If not prevented, they can be costly for both employees and employers.

Since a single sick employee can trigger a chain reaction, overall productivity can be significantly reduced (or even halted!) for days. Therefore, it is best to constantly work on prevention and mitigating such risks. And, reducing this risk is only possible through professional commercial general cleaning of the workspace.

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Aesthetic reasons

Is it even necessary to talk about how wonderful it is to work in a clean and tidy environment! A properly cleaned space is airy, bright, and exudes a pleasant atmosphere.

Windows without stains or marks, upholstery free of grease stains, and carpets without dark traces leave a favorable impression on anyone who spends time in that room.

And undoubtedly, it improves the overall mood!

general cleaning of the workspace invekta 4

Invekta’s highly skilled hygiene technicians and machine operators perform this type of hygiene treatment in work environments. They are specialized in operating professional equipment for cleaning both soft and hard floor coverings, polishing hard floors. And, deep cleaning furniture, including office furniture, hotel furniture, and more.

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Apart from machine cleaning of furniture and both hard and soft floor coverings, what other tasks does general cleaning of the workspace entail?

Experienced cleaners provide support to hygiene technicians by accessing all the non-exposed areas of the premises during general cleaning of the workspace. They remove dirt, dust, cobwebs, and mold, and clean the glass, window frames, and blinds.

Using appropriate chemicals and microfiber cloths (which are highly effective at eliminating microbes), they meticulously clean all the furniture. They pay attention to the vertical and horizontal legs of desks, all the solid parts of chairs, shelves, cabinets, kitchen and dining elements. Also, appliances, chandeliers, coat racks, notice boards, and flower pots.

detailed cleaning invekta 5

Photo: Invekta

Administrative equipment is not overlooked either: photocopy machines, computers and their components, monitors in conference rooms, and more.

Special attention is given to window cleaning due to their exceptional importance in allowing sufficient light and warmth.

general cleaning of the workspace invekta 2

Photo: Invekta

After completing the cleaning, a disinfection process is carried out, followed by a detailed inspection of the entire area to ensure the highest hygiene standards are met.

The goals of these tasks include improving air quality, achieving impeccable cleanliness of all surfaces, and providing a healthier work environment.
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Ensure Maximum Cleanliness and Health Safety in Your Business Facility!

Considering the more intensive measures involved in general cleaning of the office space, it is easy to conclude that this complex task can only be performed by a company specialized in facility maintenance.

Specialized knowledge, significant experience, routine procedures, and industrial equipment and machinery can all be found in our company. Which has been operating in Serbia for 20 years.

If you decide to opt for this type of service, you don’t have to worry about it disrupting your daily operations. Thorough cleaning can be carried out after your employees’ working hours or on weekends, whichever suits you best.

For larger facilities, it is advisable to schedule general cleaning of the workspace over the weekend. This will allow sufficient time for all soft surfaces (carpets, upholstery) to dry and be ready for the first working day.

If you have realized that your business premises are due for a general cleaning, give us a call, let’s arrange a meeting, and discuss the most effective services for you.

With Invekta, step into spring the right way!

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