How to be prepared for the opening of a business facility after construction work?

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Cleaning business premises after construction work is our expertise and activity that allows us to showcase our skills: both manual and mechanical. Although many may be apprehensive about tackling spaces just vacated by construction and other workers, for us, it’s a special pleasure.

This may seem surprising, but we will show you through the following text why we enjoy all the activities involved in cleaning business premises after construction work.

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We claim: cleaning business premises after construction work is not a daunting task!

Many clients have confided in us, expressing despair as they witnessed the state of a business space that was about to be ceremoniously opened: debris, fragments, mortar, paint stains, dust, remnants of cables, and packaging scattered everywhere! And to top it all off: the nonchalant response from the craftsmen that there’s no need to worry – everything will be tidy in a few hours.

Every time, we could imagine the expression on the face of the facility manager who knows that urgent action is needed, or else there will be delays in the opening. And not only that! The safety of employees, visitors, and customers will be compromised.

The awareness of the importance of timely reaction and being well-informed about a reliable company that will readily support every business project is the embodiment of quality and responsible management.

Since „birds of a feather stick together”, we willingly collaborate with such clients and create a plan for cleaning business premises after construction work.

We are adept at quick and efficient action for several reasons:

  • 20 years of experience in maintaining hygiene in all types and sizes of business premises;
  • a well-prepared team of hygienists, educated and highly experienced in general cleaning;
  • excellent equipment with machines and chemicals for professional, industrial hygiene maintenance.
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Because of all the mentioned reasons, we are not afraid of cleaning business buildings after any construction work. This applies not only to new facilities but also to those after relocations, renovations, or accidents.

When your craftsmen remove their ladders, buckets, and toolboxes, the well-coordinated team of Invekta’s hygienists – „armed” with diligence, precision, speed, knowledge, and the best sanitary products – takes over.
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(Re)Starting which commercial facilities have we supported?

You have probably already encountered our motto: „Who works, also gets dirty. And we are everywhere work is happening! Our clients confirm that.” So, you might wonder who these clients are.

In the two decades we’ve been operating in Serbia, we’ve cleaned and prepared for (re)opening hundreds of businesses, institutions, organizations, media houses… No space where any business activity takes place is unfamiliar (or too dirty!) to us:

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Photo: Invekta

Throughout our many years of work, we have encountered various levels and types of dirt: from the greasiest tiles in edible oil or auto lubricant factories, through silos filled with grain (with layers of dust and cobwebs a thousand layers deep), to pharmacies and drugstores with products in the finest packaging.

And, what do you think: after which cleaning are we most proud?

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What does general cleaning of business premises after construction work look like and how long does it take?

Let’s not generalize: there are craftsmen and construction workers who care about the hygiene of the spaces they work in and try to leave as little mess behind as possible.

You made a face, didn’t you? True, such craftsmen are indeed rare.

However, the good news is that there are teams like ours: teams that will polish every corner of your commercial space before directors, government officials, reputable public figures, and TV reporters arrive. And they will do it with respect and a smile! And you will be (finally) relieved.

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From ceiling to floor – sparkling cleanliness and a fresh scent. That’s what we all want!

When our team takes over your space, its members are assigned according to the areas and rooms they specialize in. First, all waste is removed and safely stored. Then come actions to hygienically treat all surfaces.

Men are usually in charge of machine washing and polishing hard floors, or deep machine cleaning of carpets and furniture. Hygienists mostly handle wiping and polishing furniture, toilets, doors, and glass surfaces. They also replenish dispensers with napkins, toilet paper, liquid soap, and disinfectants.

Everyone pays attention to traces of lime, putty, and paint on the floor, tile edges, glass, and frames, as well as around switches and sockets. If necessary, layers are removed gently with a spatula, taking care not to damage the surface.

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Depending on the size of the space, accessibility, and the type of hygiene activities that need to be carried out, general cleaning can take from 4–5 to 10 hours.

Considering all the listed requirements, the necessary number of hygienists is engaged, those with the most experience in the given type of facility. Also, our chief hygienist, who supervises the cleaning action, determines which equipment will be used. After the cleaning is complete, they conduct a final check, and if needed, provide suggestions for corrections and improvements.

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What about the exterior of the building after its construction or renovation?

We have a solution for that too! Cleaning facades made of any material (glass, alubond, concrete, etc.) is done by our specialized hygienists-alpinists – very efficiently and safely.

So, we are the final stage in the commercial construction project. The cherry on top that makes your newly built or renovated facility stunning and enhances its reputation.

While your builders and painters are doing the final stages of their work, it’s time for us to get ready slowly. Call us or send us an inquiry for an offer. We are confident that we will present a proposal that you will like.

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