What does general cleaning of facilities mean for your business?

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General cleaning of facilities is not an activity carried out once a year, like spring cleaning at home, for example. Business spaces serve a different purpose, have different surfaces and structures, accommodate a large number of people, and are usually highly trafficked. Additionally, the objects within them often differ significantly from those found in private homes.

All these characteristics are reasons why general cleaning of facilities is usually more frequent than household cleaning. This type of hygiene maintenance is mandatory when opening a new space, but also after a company relocation, painting, window replacement, and other works. Typically, it is done every 3–6 months.

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In any case, all areas of business spaces (both interior and exterior) need to be clean and tidy every day, ensuring the highest air quality and cleanliness of all surfaces that employees come into contact with. This is essential to eliminate allergens, germs, and viruses as potential causes of respiratory, dermatological, digestive, and other health issues.

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General cleaning of facilities – How clean is truly clean?

Spaces where various business activities take place differ based on the specific nature of each business area and its (sub)sectors. This means that, for example, even within the same company, different rooms may require different frequencies of hygiene maintenance. In other words, in a factory facility (whether it’s in the metal, food, or any other industry), the pace and specifications of sanitation differ from those in the company’s offices.

Unlike daily cleaning, which removes the usual amount of dust and dirt, general cleaning of facilities involves a much more detailed and delicate approach to all surfaces. It also places emphasis on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system if the building has one.

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Which factors does general cleaning of facilities need to cover?

Unlike (semi)annual detailed cleaning of homes, business spaces are cleaned in a completely different way, although the purpose is the same – providing healthy conditions for people to spend several hours a day.

If you want to perform general cleaning according to the highest professional and hygiene standards, the following factors are indispensable:

  • hygienists: trained, experienced, and very meticulous individuals (with an eye for the smallest speck and stain);
  • industrial machines for washing and polishing hard floors;
  • professional machines for cleaning carpets:
  • machines for deep cleaning furniture:
  • tools for cleaning glass surfaces: essential for ensuring a crystal-clear appearance;
  • tools for alpinist cleaning of facades: effective and safe for cleaning external building surfaces;
  • compact hygienic carts: for easy transport of cleaning supplies;
  • mops, fabrics, and other cleaning materials: for various cleaning tasks;
  • chemical liquids for all types of hygienic treatments: including cleaning, disinfection, polishing, antistatic, and antifluid.
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Do you know what general cleaning of facilities with commercial purposes looks like?

To start with, general cleaning of facilities is planned and carried out at precisely scheduled times (usually lasting several hours), determined based on the size of the space and its purposes.

When receiving a client’s request for general cleaning, Invekta has well-coordinated teams available, equipped and skilled enough to complete all tasks required in one day.

A considerable number of experienced and agile hygienists participate in these organized cleaning actions, and they are certain to possess the necessary knowledge, practice, and speed.

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In these cleaning operations, an appropriate number of hygienists are deployed and distributed according to a precise technical plan of operations. They systematically treat every corner of the space, starting with priority locations and logical needs. For example, if construction work has just been completed, the first step is to remove debris, large dust particles, packaging, cables, and other waste. Then, a thorough hygiene treatment of all surfaces and rooms follows (sweeping, wiping, deep vacuuming, and washing):

  • carpentry (doors, frames, sashes, windows, blinds);
  • partition walls/panels;
  • mirrors and glass surfaces (interior and exterior);
  • lighting;
  • outlets and switches;
  • furniture (tables, chairs, upholstered furniture, cabinets, shelves);
  • kitchens and dining areas;
  • toilets;
  • changing rooms;
  • terraces;
  • elevators;
  • staircases;
  • carpets/rugs;
  • hard floors;
  • floor/wall moldings, etc.

When general cleaning of a business space is complete, the designated person conducts a check according to the prescribed checklist, and if necessary, requests a repeat of certain actions.

The final check is a mandatory phase in maintaining the hygiene of all facilities for which we are responsible, ensuring safety for both us and our clients.
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Why are professional hygienists the right choice for your business space?

Operating professional machines for cleaning floors and other surfaces requires not only complete training but also an understanding of the mechanics of devices, the type of treatment for a given surface, and the selection of the correct concentration of suitable chemicals. This is because not all surfaces are cleaned using the same methods and techniques, and improper handling of professional equipment by an untrained person can cause irreparable damage.

Additionally, the hygienist machine operator must be educated to solve any malfunctions in the machine that caused a stoppage in its operation while on-site.

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Invekta pays special attention to all these factors when selecting candidates for this job to meet the necessary conditions for timely and effective cleaning within the specified deadline.

Therefore, it is wise to trust commercial cleaners who have a large number of cleaned commercial buildings behind them and who will successfully meet the unique needs of your company. All without disrupting your work rhythm, routine, and productivity.

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Apart from general cleaning, does your facility need any other type of sanitation treatment?

The answer to this question can only be affirmative. Daily cleaning should be an item in the monthly financial maintenance plan for every company. Only in this way can you prevent the facility from becoming neglected and a breeding ground for pathogens that threaten the health of employees and clients. This is the only way to ensure that the space for conducting a specific activity is neat and ready for a new working day.

Imagine that in a company employing dozens of workers, restroom cleaning is neglected for just one day. The utility room would become unusable in the first shift, and contamination would quickly spread throughout the building, posing a health risk to everyone present.

The same applies to rooms where specific business and other activities are performed or those used for product storage: industrial plants, warehouses, halls, lobbies, waiting rooms, hallways, hospital rooms, etc.

Regular maintenance of hygiene is a necessity that must not be neglected. It should be “the main secondary thing” in work organization, taken for granted and “invisibly” performed while your employees do their jobs.

Fresh air and bacteriologically correct surroundings are something that every employee (including yourself) has the right to. In such conditions, it is realistic to expect a higher level of overall health, less sick leave, and better results.

We can provide you with wholehearted assistance in achieving that. Send us a request for an offer, and we will tailor it to your preferences.

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