Maintenance of facilities for maximum productivity and success in every industry

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Maintenance of facilities for maximum productivity and success in every industry

Maintenance of facilities for commercial use (facility management – FM) involves proactive management of various systems to ensure the regular functioning, safety, and longevity of buildings, equipment, and the environment.

If efforts in maintaining business spaces are prioritized, companies can become more productive, reduce costs, and enhance their brand reputation.

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Formulating a plan for maintenance of facilities correlates with the type of activity, the complexity of buildings, and their locations

The comprehensive approach within FM includes preventive maintenance, implementation of safety measures, as well as regular inspections and technical repairs. Therefore, maintenance of facilities is crucial in various industries, such as the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, automotive and aviation industries, as well as energy, metallurgy, and others.

Maintenance of each architectural structure in operation is approached carefully, considering all factors relevant to creating the most efficient long-term management plan.

The plan is adapted to the purpose of the facility, its area, and any fragmentation into multiple work units and locations. Locations themselves can be determining factors, especially if they are not easily accessible (e.g., industrial zones near highways).

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Types of business spaces

Commercial facilities represent physical structures and spaces serving various professional purposes. Most business systems have separate administrative buildings, which may be separate from production and storage spaces.

They include administrative offices, serving bureaucratic and other business activities, as well as meetings and facilitating collaboration among employees. Therefore, it is essential to keep everything clean and tidy from floor to ceiling: movable objects, carpets, upholstered furniture, woodwork, glass surfaces, etc.

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Photo: Pexels, Tima Miroshnichenko

In factories, production facilities, and material processing halls, adequate working conditions must be ensured daily to prevent accidents, injuries, and production process interruptions.

Warehouses and distribution centers focus on storing and distributing goods for manufacturing companies, online trading, logistics, and supply chain management.

The fourth group of commercially designated facilities includes supermarkets (shopping centers and individual retail stores) where products and/or services are offered.

Healthcare facilities are also business premises requiring special sanitary treatment due to their purpose. Hospitals, clinics, medical offices, and homes for the elderly and palliative care require continuous maintenance of hygiene, at the highest level.

Equal attention regarding cleanliness and technical correctness should be given to educational institutions (schools, colleges). In classrooms, libraries, sports halls, laboratories, offices, a large number of students/employees regularly stay, so maintenance of facilities of this kind should be carried out continuously.

Hospitality businesses (restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, event halls, etc.) provide accommodation and catering services, necessitating constant attention to hygiene.

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What actions are involved in maintenance of facilities?

Maintenance of facilities primarily involves cleaning but also other service activities, which will be discussed below.

Hygiene maintenance

Maintaining the hygiene of commercial spaces is inherently complex as it includes several tasks:

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Technical maintenance within maintenance of facilities

Technical maintenance is the best way to ensure that a business unit starts well and continues to operate smoothly. Prevention of technical malfunctions and solving those that occur by chance is done through trained professionals in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation.

maintenance of facilities invekta 3

Photo: Freepik, Gpointstudio / AI

Checking the HVAC system’s functionality, servicing elevators and fire extinguishers, inspecting electrical, plumbing, and sewage installations – are just part of what Invekta’s technical service performs.

The goal of preventive and regulatory measures is to maintain optimal air quality, control temperature and energy efficiency, prevent disruptions in water supply and drainage, fire protection, and servicing machinery and equipment for maximum productivity.

In this way, expensive repairs, premature equipment replacement, and work stoppages can be prevented. And, undoubtedly, align the facility with regulations and industrial standards that ensure the safety and well-being of all users.
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Green space management

External and internal greenery requires constant care to fulfill its aesthetic and practical function. The exterior of a commercial building cannot be neat and beautiful if lawns are not mowed regularly, and hedges, shrubs, and flowers are not pruned as scheduled.

maintenance of facilities invekta 4

Photo: Invekta

Elimination of pests, management of irrigation systems, and plant protection during cold days are also part of caring for greenery and encouraging its growth.

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Winter service

Last winter, snow mostly avoided these parts, which is not the case this year. Therefore, our clients have requested more services – snow and ice removal from their sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots. Ready as always, our winter service responds daily to all the demands that the current season poses.

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Support services

Many companies and public institutions do not have a sufficient number of staff for front and back office services, especially during vacation periods or more intense sick leave in winter months. That’s why they turn to us to compensate for absent workers and perform their activities without distractions and interruptions.

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How to get a good facility maintenance plan with Invekta on your side?

Developing an efficient facility maintenance plan begins with its comprehensive assessment. Our engineers with years of experience conduct a thorough and professional examination of all systems, structural components, and equipment.

After going out into the field, sectors requiring urgent intervention are identified, and then efforts focus on solving existing problems. After considering all aspects, priorities are established, and a maintenance and development plan is elaborated in accordance with the specific requirements of the facility and the client’s budget.

The implementation of the facility maintenance plan is possible primarily due to the human resources that Invekta possesses, excellent equipment with professional tools and machines. As well as sophisticated FM software and applications.

If you are ready to implement a clearly defined and constructive plan, you give your company a chance for proactive maintenance, resource optimization, and increased overall reliability and performance.

Call us and arrange a meeting – turn over a new leaf at the beginning of 2024. and sail into safer business waters.

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