Everything you need to know about the technical maintenance of business facilities

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Technical maintenance of business facilities is under the umbrella of facility services, i.e. management of business facilities. This type of maintenance includes every technical task necessary to ensure optimal operation, quality, and safety in the physical and technical sector of the organization.

Technical maintenance of business facilities – Types and characteristics

The main division of technical maintenance of business facilities is done according to its function, so there are two categories:

  • preventive;
  • corrective.

Work on the prevention of technical problems is a primary and prophylactic activity, the goal of which is preventive maintenance and preventing the occurrence of problems.

The corrective function implies work on the elimination of already occurring stoppages or malfunctions.

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Photo: Pexels, Field Engineer

Both of these activities are very important for the smooth operation of certain sectors in the business facility, but also for the work process as a complete system.

In order to comply with legal obligations, an inspection of all technical equipment is carried out periodically. It is also needed from the aspect of ensuring its longer working cycle and reducing the risk of unforeseen downtime.

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What structures does the technical maintenance that Invekta performs include?

Technical management jobs can include numerous categories: from construction infrastructure, through building systems and areas around it, to technical equipment. That is why technical maintenance of business facilities is rightfully considered safety maintenance.

Invekta offers its clients technical maintenance services for business facilities, which include the so-called soft part of facility management:

  • minor thermal, electrical, hydro, and telecommunications repairs and parts procurement (regulation of temperature sensors, replacement of light bulbs and chandeliers, fuses, switches, and sockets, service of EXIT panic lamps; repair of hoses and siphons in toilet and kitchen areas, repair of intercoms and alarms in elevators, etc.);
  • HVAC system maintenance (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, roofs);
  • organization and supervision of elevator service;
  • routine testing of fire extinguishers and control inspection records;
  • assembly and servicing of office furniture (tables, chairs, replacement of wheels, hinges, and handles on windows, drawers, and doors, removal of partition panels, tracing and marking of floors, etc.);
  • providing safety guidelines in order to prevent accidents, etc.
technical maintenance of business facilities invekta 3

Photo: Invekta

When completing any of the above tasks, our specialized technical staff applies standard procedures, the highest quality tools. And, experience from their many years of practice.

How do they do that?

Thus, they will first identify and evaluate the disturbance on installations and components if there is a technical disturbance and interruption of the work flow. Then they will quickly and efficiently take care of the given problem and restore the functioning of the specific segment as soon as possible.

Applying adequate measures, the company will do everything so that the same problems (especially critical ones) do not repeat themselves and cause bigger and more complex problems.

Invekta’s managers and leading maintenance technicians are at the client’s service 24/7, 365 days a year. In addition, they will carry out a technical audit of the facility after the repairs have been completed. Just to ensure that everything is correct and absolutely safe. Only in this way will further exploitation of the equipment be ensured and the maximum will be obtained from the infrastructure of the business object.

Are major repairs in commercial buildings our scope?

If serious malfunctions occur in the facility, such as large burst water pipes, sewage spills, and accidents on the electrical network, our management team will engage the competent services.

Representatives of specialized companies for each of these problems will come to the site and, in the presence of the Invekta manager, make all the necessary repairs. In this way, the client is absolutely relieved in terms of additional engagement and concern about operational procedures. Because he/she can leave the entire optimization to us.

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Technical maintenance of business facilities and management software

Software management of company maintenance, which we first started applying in these areas, raised the facility service to a completely different level. By introducing this last-generation IT solution, we facilitated the monitoring of all work stages in real time.

With computer-supported management, we significantly improved and simplified our own management of work processes. In addition, by implementing this software, we helped clients reduce business risks and expenses, and increase productivity.

This modern software solution for the maintenance of commercial facilities definitely makes everything easier, more efficient and – more profitable.

technical maintenance of business facilities invekta 4

Photo: Pixabay, Gerd Altmann

Since we use the aforementioned software in our daily work on the maintenance of numerous business facilities throughout Serbia, we reliably know all its performance and results.

If your company needs technical maintenance or any of Invekta’s other services, feel free to make an appointment. Individual or integrated, our facility service modules will support your company at the points where it is most needed.

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