Machine washing of hard floors in the hands of professionals!

Početna 5 Machine washing of hard floors 5 Machine washing of hard floors in the hands of professionals!

Machine washing of commercial floors should be part of mandatory hygienic maintenance of business facilities. Floors in areas for business purposes record a high daily traffic of people and industrial vehicles. That is why they require a different type of care than those in residential facilities.

Commercial floors, especially those in industrial plants, must be of exceptional quality, durable and stable in structure. That is why the materials from which they will be made are carefully chosen, with a long-term view of future use and durability.

What is meant by machine washing commercial floors?

Floor coverings in spaces for commercial use are made of a wide variety of materials: ceramics, terrazzo, marble, travertine, granite, natural stone, concrete, linoleum, plastics, etc. What they have in common is durability and a higher use value. However, there are significant differences between them, which are manifested in quality, resistance. And, of course, price.

According to the type, purpose of use and surface of the floor covering, the method of its maintenance is also determined. Hygienic treatment of hard floors, therefore, implies the following aspects:

  • choosing the right machines and parts for washing commercial hard floors;
  • selection of professional chemicals;
  • duration of sanitary treatment.

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Why choose professionals?

The type of material and the finish of the floor determine the type of washing machine and brushes, as well as the chemical agents that will be used. For example, on glossy marble or ceramic tiles, rough, coarse rotary brushes and abrasive chemicals should not be used. The reason for this is that the final layer would be removed and the tiles would remain permanently damaged. Without the primary shine.

In order to prevent unwanted situations like this from happening, the hygienists employed by Invekta undergo special training. The aim of the compulsory educational program is to:

  • quality performance of the task;
  • prevention of damage;
  • the safety of the machine operators themselves.

When these points are taken into consideration, it becomes clear that it is necessary to hire professionals to wash commercial hard floors. Because the internal employment of hygienists would cost the company a lot: the purchase of professional machines and parts. But, also the search for cleaning liquids that cannot be found on the mass market. And, most importantly, the selection and training of employees who will perform this task responsibly and at a high level.

From the above, it is easy to conclude that in the long run, the most profitable and best solution is to hire a company that provides facility services.

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Machine washing of commercial floors – How do we do it?

For the machine washing of hard floors, Invekta uses professional devices of the latest generation, with different widths of suction/scrubbing brushes. Adapted to smaller, medium or larger surfaces.

Our assortment includes strong and robust disc machines with an ergonomic handle, intended for intensive cleaning. As well as compact pushers (manually controlled) and mobile, electric, and battery-powered ones.

Wheeled machines are used to wash large hard floors and, like pushers, are usually designed to combine washing, vacuuming, and drying.

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The industrial appliances we use for washing hard floors are made with the latest, environmentally friendly technology. And, have exceptional performance: suction power and a high number of brush spins. These features are key to the economy of the procedure – reducing the cleaning time without losing the quality of work.

Our solutions for comprehensive hygiene maintenance of business facilities significantly boost productivity, contribute to health. And, are completely safe for people and the environment.
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Preparation and machine washing of commercial floors

Before starting the mechanical cleaning of the floor, we first remove all obstacles, such as trash cans, movable furniture, etc. Then we remove the remains of impurities (dust, waste) by vacuuming. In this way, we provide enough space for the movement of the machine in thorough cleaning of all corners.

In addition to water, we pour a special cleaning agent into the machine in the appropriate proportion, determined according to the type of substrate and the level of soiling. More neutral chemicals are used for high-gloss, lightly or moderately soiled floors. We apply more concentrated when it is necessary to remove stains and stubborn deposits. In such cases, even the machining movements must be precisely planned and carefully executed (usually in a figure eight) in order not to scratch or remove the surface layer.

After washing and vacuuming excess water into the canister, the area is dried with indoor fans to prevent slips, falls, and injuries. During drying, a warning sign must be placed in a visible place.

And, after drying – et voilà! The floor is clean and exceptionally polished!

Machine washing of commercial floors provides numerous benefits

Unlike the default daily mopping, machine washing hard floors is usually done once a month.

Although it takes more time, since it is a one-month procedure, the usual working day in the facility is not significantly disrupted. Especially considering the availability and flexibility of our hygienists regarding the cleaning dates that best suit the client.

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The management of the company, which takes into account all aspects of business, pays special attention to regular and general cleaning. Especially to floor maintenance. Why?

First, floors suffer the most damage from heavy traffic, especially if they are located in manufacturing facilities.

Indentations caused by the pressure of heavy machinery and vehicles, deep furrows, and slippage due to spilled industrial oils and lubricants can be the cause of workplace injuries. The company must meet all safety criteria and keep the floors clean, dry and polished. If the company doesn’t do that, that failure can cost it not only the loss of employees but also great financial damage.

Secondly, floors in industrial, high-traffic areas, in addition to absolute hygiene and safety, must also meet high aesthetic criteria.

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Aesthetic and elegance of floors

Floor coverings of high quality and shine are typical for shopping and business centers, sports halls, counter halls and waiting rooms at airports, bus and railway stations. By proper and regular maintenance of their cleanliness, entire buildings gain elegance and impressiveness.

Hence, it is not surprising that visitors (clients, and customers) regularly return to experience the familiar hedonistic atmosphere again and again. Because enjoying beauty is a universal phenomenon, which is not easy to give up!

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to retain and win new partners and customers by maintaining hard floors in your company. And give your employees the pleasure of working in a neat and pleasant environment.

You are only one call away from professional service and this positive change.

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