Commercial landscaping – With Invekta to the most impressive landscape!

 / 11. October 2022.
Početna 5 Facility management 5 Commercial landscaping – With Invekta to the most impressive landscape!

The landscaping around and inside the commercial building must be managed by professional staff. These are: landscape architects, phytopathologists, biologists and technicians if constructive phyto-design is to be achieved.

Well-kept and well-maintained plants throughout the year leave an impressive impression not only on employees but also on all visitors. Business partners, investors, and distinguished guests. That is why regular landscaping is as important as the initial creation of a functional and beautiful landscape.

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How can landscaping positively affect your business?

In times of economic crisis, many companies strive to reduce costs and allocate the annual budget according to priorities. It seems that maintaining the plants around the work facility is not always on the list of the most important tasks.

While respecting the rational and pragmatic approach to work, we cannot help but notice how an indifferent attitude towards the aesthetic side of the company leaves negative consequences.

Staying at the workplace occupies the most active part of the day and if employees, in addition to all the daily challenges, work in an environment that has a demotivating effect on them, they will simply begin to reduce their performance at some point.

External collaborators and visitors (especially those very important from the aspect of business and reputation of the company) will also not feel the most comfortable if they approach a gloomy and unsightly commercial building. Regardless of whether it is a modern business center with offices or a factory.

Simply, the image of a company is layered and implies not only high professionalism and maximum productivity, but also paying attention to the entire business environment.
landscaping invekta 2

Photo: Pexels, Anna Shvets

„Green, I love you, green!“

The famous poet Lorca long ago recognized the beauty, power, and sublimity of greenery, and not without reason! Flora is part of the living world, to which we also belong, and we feel its beneficial influence constantly. Therefore, we need to enjoy it every day, even if it is expressed in a small form, in a limited urban oasis, or – as the approach to a business building.

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Why should you entrust landscaping to the experts of the Invekta company?

The answer is very simple: because Invekta is made up of a team of professionals, responsible and deeply committed to all segments of facility management. Including landscaping.

This field is particularly inspiring for us because, in addition to high qualifications and knowledge, it requires creativity and innovation. By leaving the care of the greenery around or inside your business center to professionals, you can focus on daily tasks and challenges, devoting your full time and resources to them.

In order to form a green oasis in front of your company, we start with a proactive plan and draft a commercial landscape. If the green area already exists, we agree on the way to maintain it and possibly renovate it.

Sometimes clients already realize at the first meeting with our landscape architects that they need a complete phyto-redesign. That’s when our creativity takes the greatest momentum and gives the best results!

Especially when it comes to indoor gardens and fountains. This is where our expertise reaches its peak!

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What does the concept of commercial green maintenance carried out by Invekta include?

Our designers, planners, biologists, phytopathologists, and technicians work together on all segments so that the environment of your business facility is healthy, cared for, and beautiful throughout the year.

Through permanent education and following world trends, we acquire new knowledge about how to treat plants, achieve their optimal health, pruning, and all jobs in the field of horticulture.

Our activities dedicated to plants of all kinds include:

  • land cultivation;
  • lawn planting (sowing or placing rolls of grass);
  • care and maintenance of lawns;
  • planting plants;
  • preventive and regular fertilization of plants;
  • protection against diseases and pests;
  • nutrition in accordance with the season;
  • hilling plants and weed removal;
  • installation of watering systems;
  • reshaping of the bush;
  • tree topping;
  • raking and collection of leaves;
  • disposal of green waste;
  • other services that are needed in the garden.
landscaping invekta 4

Photo: Pexels, Anna Shvets

All these gardening activities are performed by our trained and experienced bio-technicians under the supervision of experts. And, using the most modern machines, physical and chemical means. By correlating all the listed factors, our clients get the alley or garden they wanted, which is perfectly compatible with the image of their business.

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Is landscaping necessary in winter?

Of course! Plants require care throughout the year, and each season has its own challenges: in the spring, planting certain plants, in the fall, establishing lawns, and pruning dry branches. Lawn mowing with a lawnmower or trimmer, as well as pruning and shaping of shrubs and bonsai trees is carried out continuously, as needed.

In winter, plants need additional supplements for overwintering, and some need protection from freezing. That is why such potted plants are brought indoors, while the planted ones are covered with special nylons.

landscaping invekta 3

Photo: Unsplash, Crystal Jo

However, winter also has its charms. Evergreen trees only then reach their strongest green color, lushness and famous, intoxicating smell. Special attention should be paid to fir trees in winter because they are the only outdoor, natural greenery. Firs and pines make a wonderful contrast to the whiteness of the snow and bring cheerfulness and a festive mood to gloomy winter days.

So don’t hesitate: by investing in professional green maintenance services, you contribute to the value of your company. Get in touch with us in the coming days and our team for free estimates will come up with the best suggestions for landscaping around your commercial property.

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