Facility management – Guide to managing commercial property maintenance

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Facility management – Guide to managing commercial property maintenance

Facility management (FM) is a well-known term that refers to the management of maintenance for commercial properties and associated infrastructure.

When defined in this way, facility management sounds quite simple. However, this economic activity consists of a set of activities that require highly specialized employees and perfect organization.

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In what does the complexity of facility management manifest?

At the beginning, it should be said that facility management is always focused on people. On one hand, it enables the functionality and efficiency of built structures through its overall operation. On the other hand, it firmly stands on the standpoint of ensuring the safety, health, and comfort of all who reside in the buildings for any reason and at any time.

When thinking about spaces intended for commercial or public use, staying in them can be either everyday and long-lasting (employees) or occasional and short-lived (visitors).

Given that the primary focus is on the health benefits of all present, the largest percentage of facility management goes towards maintaining hygiene (60%).

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Starting from this, primary activity, we will rank all others that fall within the scope of FM, which Invekta typically deals with:

Hygiene maintenance

Hygiene maintenance is inherently complex and integrates the following subtypes of sanitary treatments for commercial spaces:

The space itself, with its purpose, size, and frequency of people, determines which types of cleaning and to what extent/intervals will be necessary. For example, a manufacturing facility will require regular machine floor cleaning, while an office will require periodic deep cleaning of furniture and carpets.

However, there is something common to all facilities where business activities take place, and that is technical maintenance and the procurement of paper products, soap, and disinfectants. Along with them, of course, come professional dispensers.

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Who needs facility management services?

Your company. If it belongs to the category of medium or large.

The activity it engages in is relevant to our facility managers only in terms of preparing and implementing an adequate work plan. Therefore, whether you have an auto or aviation parts factory, a meat processing plant, a warehouse, or an office building with two hundred rooms, it’s our job to listen to your needs and assess the structural characteristics of the facility (or several). And then, we provide a unique offer that best suits your business.

Invekta’s management of commercial and other corporate facilities is organized to unify people and the space in which they perform an activity, i.e., work processes within it. The goal we aim to achieve through this is to improve the quality of work and productivity of our corporate clients’ businesses.

Through the wholehearted commitment of facility managers, the systems we oversee for maintaining workspaces function optimally. From production or sales rooms, through administrative offices and hallways, to parking lots and greenery. And it is well known that consistent quality and diligence ensure business development and continuity.

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In this way, we contribute to the achievement of the client’s strategic plan and the financial results of their organization. This should be added to regular support for productivity and operational efficiency, risk management, and reducing adverse environmental impact.

We know this because coordinating facility management services has been our specialty for two decades.

What sets Invekta’s services apart and why are they relevant to medium and large businesses?

The characteristic of our work is reflected in several factors:

  • competence;
  • a large number of skilled employees;
  • machine-technical equipment;
  • sustainable quality;
  • compliance with ISO standards;
  • compliance within specified deadlines;
  • readiness to respond in emergencies, extraordinary situations;
  • fulfillment of contracted services.
What makes our business particularly efficient is software management of all processes and stages of business premises maintenance.

If you are interested in doing business with Invekta, give us a call or send us an inquiry for a quotation. And we will ensure a working environment in your company that is focused on health, full engagement, and work performance.

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