Cleaning the workspace – A big boost to productivity and success!

Početna 5 Facility management 5 Cleaning the workspace – A big boost to productivity and success!

Cleaning the workspace can greatly enhance the work process, motivation, and productivity of your employees. Therefore, the environment where one spends a third of their day should not only be technically functional but also pleasant. And consequently – conducive to work.

Many sociological and psychological studies point to a close correlation between the work environment (not only colleagues but also the premises themselves) and the willingness to work and efficiency.
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Daily and general cleaning the workspace in light of higher levels of professionalism and market positioning

Well-organized directors and managers know that delegating tasks is part of their job description and the only way to ensure smooth operations. Just as they assign specific tasks to their qualified staff, they entrust the cleaning the workspace to experienced hygiene teams.

Because, no matter how trivial this type of work may seem to someone, it still requires knowledge, skill in operating industrial machinery, dexterity, and professionalism.

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The mentioned characteristics fully characterize Invekta’s hygiene professionals. So, feel free to tick off cleaning the workspace as completed on your list of duties.

From the moment we finalize all the details, we take matters into our own hands so that you can focus on running your business and coordinating your work team.

Now you’re probably reasoning: you really wouldn’t want the expensive granite tiles in your business center’s lobby to be irreparably damaged by improper handling of hard floor cleaning machines.
Or, for the highest quality leather on your executive chair to be ruined by improperly chosen chemicals or cleaning techniques.
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Regular (daily) cleaning

As with maintaining home hygiene, cleaning the workspace must be done at regular intervals. For some facilities (hotels, medical facilities), this means every day, multiple times a day (especially common areas and ancillary rooms). For others, cleaning once a day is sufficient (offices, certain factory premises). And for others, two to three times a week is enough (warehouses, showrooms).

What is included in daily office hygiene maintenance?

Invekta’s hygiene team usually performs their activities outside the client’s working hours to avoid usurping workspace and disrupting employees.

Adequately numbered and strategically deployed for maximum efficiency, they engage in:

  • wiping desks, drawers, shelves, and cabinets;
  • removing dust and fingerprints from computers and peripherals;
  • disinfecting keyboards and mice;
  • wiping chairs;
  • vacuuming upholstered furniture and carpets;
  • scrubbing and disinfecting all surfaces and objects in the restroom (including hand dryers);
  • washing and disinfecting dining furniture and appliances;
  • mopping floors;
  • cleaning trash cans and replacing liners;
  • refilling soap and sanitizer dispensers;
  • replenishing paper hand towels and toilet paper dispensers.
After the sanitization protocol, they make sure everything is put back in its place so that your employees arrive to clean and tidy desks, the entire office space, and adjacent areas the next day.
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General (thorough) cleaning

When it comes to general cleaning, it is done periodically (every three to six months), except in the case of changing the tenant of the premises, painting, and other craft works.

To ensure that the business premises are thoroughly cleaned from ceiling to floor, our dual teams (hygiene professionals and machine operators) readily tackle all areas. Both vertical (walls, glass, doors) and horizontal (hard floors, soft floor coverings, upholstered furniture).

Their actions cover not only high-traffic and frequently used areas but also often neglected areas. No corner, therefore, remains unexplored and untreated!
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Photo: Freepik / Invekta

On our team’s to-do list are:

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Photo: Invekta

The sole goal guiding them during sanitization is the exceptional cleanliness of the commercial premises and its transformation in terms of readiness for every moment of client operations.
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Business sectors in Serbia requiring constant professional cleaning the workspace

Medium and large companies in various cities of our country are increasingly opting to collaborate with external partners (outsourcing) when it comes to commercial cleaning. This is primarily for reasons of economy and practicality.

Namely, calculations show that it is more profitable to entrust this complex task to an agency with long-term experience, a large number of workers, and a contingent of professional equipment and machinery. Simply put, large businesses do not want to waste their resources on sanitary and/or technical maintenance. They would rather delegate these responsibilities to someone who is well versed in the job and has everything necessary for its smooth execution.

And Invekta is here to readily welcome their decision. That’s why our largest clients are:

If you believe that your business premises should be supported by our services as well, send us a request for a quote. In the meeting, we will discuss all aspects relevant to maintaining your commercial space and present the best proposal for you.

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