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Bank cleaning must be carried out with the utmost discretion, precision, and accuracy, given the specific nature of the banking sector. Confidential information, money, and securities stored in bank branches (as well as post offices) require a very delicate approach.

Find out how we tailor our services to meet these requirements by reading the following text.

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What to expect from Invekta when it comes to post office and bank cleaning?

First and foremost, the beginning of maintaining hygiene at any of your bank’s branches is preceded by signing a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This is followed by rigorous security checks on the staff who will be working on hygiene and/or technical maintenance on a daily basis, at specified time intervals.

Only in this way can cleaning operations and other contracted services commence.

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Maintenance of bank branches: hygiene and technical aspects

It is needless to say how daily and general bank cleaning creates a professional atmosphere and instills confidence among clients. Therefore, Invekta strives to meet all the specific needs of a bank, not only for thorough cleaning and disinfection but also for technical maintenance.

We provide our services respecting the highest standards and legal protocols, guaranteeing impeccable maintenance of the interior of your branches.
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Hygiene maintenance

Maintaining cleanliness in banks includes all areas (internal and external) belonging to them:

  • security vestibule;
  • waiting area;
  • counter hall;
  • offices;
  • conference rooms;
  • restrooms;
  • kitchen/dining area;
  • hallways with ATMs;
  • other rooms upon request (vault, archive, etc.).

Within the interior itself, we perform detailed cleaning and disinfection of all inventory: counters, partition panels, tables, and chairs. We also do not forget cabinets and drawers, computers and their components, photocopiers, and printers.

Of course, we also clean and disinfect ATMs, entry/exit buttons, and handles, as these tactile surfaces are full of bacteria and other pathogens, making them potential breeding grounds for infection. Therefore, we clean and disinfect them regularly.

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When it comes to general cleanings, they should be conducted periodically (every 3-6 months) or as needed (after relocation, painting, construction, and other works).

Thorough cleaning involves machine washing and polishing of hard floors. As well as cleaning glass surfaces, both internal and external (shop windows, windows, doors, panels).

Depending on the traffic in the branch and the use of office furniture and carpets, we clean all upholstered furniture and soft surfaces of all types.

We perform deep cleaning with professional, industrial machines and chemicals adapted to the type of upholstery and carpet fibers.

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Technical maintenance

Invekta provides so-called soft technical maintenance in business premises. It includes the following services in the field of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, which we perform with the support of special software:

  • monitoring and maintenance of HVAC systems;
  • control and maintenance of pumps;
  • servicing fire extinguishers;
  • inspection and servicing of elevators;
  • replacement of light bulbs/switches/handles/locks, etc.;
  • repair of minor electrical installation faults;
  • assembly of tables/chairs, replacement of broken wheels, etc.;
  • risk assessment;
  • maintenance activity planning (including procurement of spare parts);
  • regular daily maintenance and equipment monitoring in the facility;
  • equipment and resource optimization.
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In case of major breakdowns or emergencies in the plumbing or electrical internal network, we will contact the relevant public services and arrange for them to come to the site and solve the problem urgently.
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Cleaning of banks and postal branches through individualized approach

In twenty years of work, we have gained insights into many truths. One of them is that we must be flexible enough to develop a maintenance program compatible with each individual facility. Completely in line with its purpose, structure, scope, traffic, and location.

At the same time, we have remained consistent and firm in our decision not to make compromises and exceptions when it comes to the highest level of quality of our services.

We are proud of the personalized facility maintenance plans, which include bank cleaning and postal branches. They are precisely constructed, thoroughly tested, and meticulously implemented.

The cleaning staff who implement these plans in the field are our extended arm, and your support in every working day. A support that we discreetly provide through our services reflects in increased motivation and productivity of banking/postal employees.

A clean workspace will leave a strong positive impression on clients, which can only be an additional benefit to your bank’s operations.

Given our strong expertise and efficiency, we will undoubtedly contribute to saving and better preserving your most important resources: personnel, time, and – money.

Contact us by phone at +381 64 70 595 39, email us at office@invekta.rs, or Inquiry for quotation. Let’s discuss the needs of your branches for hygiene and technical maintenance and find the best solution together.


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