Window cleaning at height without limitations and compromises

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Window cleaning at height is required by practically all commercial buildings: from office buildings with glass facades, through shopping malls, to public enterprises and institutions. Therefore, business entities in need of window cleaning at height belong to various economic sectors throughout the Republic of Serbia.

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What standards and qualifications must be met for window cleaning at height?

Cleaning glass surfaces in commercial and public buildings cannot be performed by unqualified personnel and without proper training, professional equipment, and significant experience.

The specialized „all-inclusive package” offered by Invekta includes:

  1. experienced hygienists, trained and certified for alpinist exterior cleaning of glass and other materials (so-called industrial climbers);
  2. accredited alpinist equipment (safety belts and benches, helmets, main and auxiliary ropes, safety devices and blockers, pulleys and carabiners, special climbing shoes, etc.);
  3. a fleet of the safest mobile platforms and scaffolding for working at height;
  4. adherence to all procedures regarding the safety of personnel and facilities.
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Photo: Pexels, Natalie Minich / Freepik, Wirestock

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Why is clean glass not only beautiful but also economical?

Dirty windows can have multiple negative impacts on business:

  • The aesthetics of the building are compromised, turning it into an eyesore, the opposite of what it should represent in the business world.
  • Through windows covered with layers of dust, grease, oxides, atmospheric deposits, and bird droppings, little sunlight penetrates. This results in the need to keep lights on throughout the working day, leading to increased electricity consumption.
  • Reduced reflection of sunlight and vitamin D adversely affect the health of employees, ultimately reducing their productivity and performance in the long run.
Prevention is therefore the best remedy: hiring a professional window cleaning at height, as well as for those that can be cleaned from the ground, using a telescopic pole.

Invekta’s operators, specialized in cleaning glass surfaces, reach difficult-to-access locations and bring them to a perfectly hygienic condition. Whether they do it by climbing ropes or cleaning in levitating baskets, on forklifts/cranes, and platforms/scaffolding.

This is one of our main strengths and the reason why our diverse high-rise glass surface cleaning services have been sought after by many domestic and foreign companies operating in Serbia. Commercial office buildings, banks, hospitals, retail chains, shopping malls, and many institutions are nests of our long-standing clients.

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Invekta never compromises when it comes to the brilliance of glass surfaces in commercial, business, or cultural buildings!

Our expert teams for window cleaning at height apply various methods and means to ensure the best results:

  • high-pressure pump cleaning;
  • expert chemical cleaning;
  • non-abrasive techniques;
  • approved and adapted chemical agents.
window cleaning at height invekta 3

Photo: Pexels, Mathias Reding

Special attention is paid to buildings under historical or cultural protection. For such buildings, we elaborate a particular approach and cleaning plan to prevent any damage to public property.
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Safe, efficient, and at an optimal cost – Window cleaning at height and other services according to Invekta’s program

High-rise window cleaning is not an easy job and poses a real challenge for many. There’s no doubt about it. And few will choose it as their life’s calling. Fortunately, Invekta has always been at the forefront of innovation and fearlessness when it comes to business peaks.

window cleaning at height invekta 4

Photo: Unsplash, Klim Musalimov

Maintaining business premises (with a special emphasis on glass) is our passion and firm commitment.

Any commercial building, whether medium or large, can be hygienically and technically managed through the dedication of our management and contracted works performers. And all in accordance with the latest legislation on health, safety, and quality.

In addition to comprehensive sanitation and technical maintenance, we also provide our clients with other services from our spectrum:

So, look no further – you’re in the right place. This text is the first step toward improving and facilitating your company management. Call us or send us a written inquiry, and you’ll receive professional advice and an objective offer.

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