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Industrial floor cleaning is carried out by specialized hygienists. They have undergone training to operate professional machines and to prepare chemicals in the correct dilution.

This implies that industrial floor cleaning should never be performed by untrained individuals. In such cases, there could be injuries to the machine operators and others present in the facility. Additionally, irreversible damage to the treated floors could occur.

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What exactly does industrial floor cleaning entail and where is it used?

Although the term „industrial” is included in the phrase „industrial floor cleaning”, maintaining the hygiene of hard floors is not reserved solely for industrial halls.

The term originates from the specification of applied procedures (machines, techniques, and methods). Which significantly differ from cleaning tiles and other coverings in houses. Similar to the distinction between industrial food production and home cooking.

For example, industrial floor cleaning involves special preparation and planning tailored to the characteristics and utility value of the floor covering.

In household settings, weekly sweeping with a broom and a few drops of cleaner is usually sufficient. On the other hand, floors in factories, warehouses, markets, shopping malls, and platform/waiting areas in train stations/airports require a completely different approach.
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From structural planning to implementation

After surveying the specifics and needs of the floor, Invekta’s specialists develop an appropriate cleaning schedule. It includes the following important points:

  • type of hard floor (ceramic/granite/marble/terrazzo, asphalt/concrete/travertine, linoleum/plastic, etc.);
  • floor size;
  • accessibility (presence of machinery/equipment/production lines, shelves, and other immovable objects);
  • purpose, method, and frequency of use.
Only such thorough and responsible procedures provide assurance that the floor in your facility will be maximally protected. Also, clean, and presentable. In other words, it will reflect the best possible image of your business.
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Which machines for industrial floor cleaning do we have?

To ensure that every joint and pattern is properly washed, the degree of dirtiness must first be determined. Followed by the selection of brush type, number of rotations, and type of chemical agent. The professional machines available in Invekta’s extensive fleet are among the highest quality. There are: Wirbel, Hako, Ruby, Taski Aero, Columbus, Kärcher, and others.

Whether ride-on or walk-behind, powered by gasoline, electricity, or battery, their efficiency is unquestionable. The selection is based on the total floor area and the availability of its partitions.

For medium and smaller areas with more inaccessible corners, walk-behind machines with higher maneuverability and flexibility are chosen, allowing them to reach everywhere. Their liquid canister capacity is 40 or 65 liters.

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Photo: Invekta

For cleaning large areas, an ideal solution is a ride-on, ergonomic machine with a 65 cm wide brush, a battery lasting 3.5 hours, and the option for electric power supply. According to our practice, with a liquid capacity of 120 liters and front-wheel drive, they ensure excellent performance and results.

The specificity of working with these machines lies in deep cleaning the surface with brushes and sponge belts, simultaneously vacuuming dirt and water. The surface left behind is dry to the highest degree, making it quickly ready for safe use.

Virtuosity of our hygiene technicians in industrial floor cleaning of all types

Tiles and other floor coverings in factory workshops, garages, warehouses, and distribution centers endure significant loads daily and quickly become worn out. To make the floor in factory and other working environments more resistant to abrasion, impacts, and the negative effects of oil, solvents, and heavy chemicals, it must be regularly cleaned. There is no doubt about that.

That’s why our professional service of industrial floor cleaning inevitably includes:

  • complete equipment (machines, auxiliary tools, consumables, and chemical liquids);
  • state-of-the-art technology and methods;
  • accredited hygienist machine operators, competent in working on all hard surfaces;
  • execution of tasks within the specified timeframe and deadline.
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Photo: Invekta AI

In industrial halls traversed by vehicles (trucks, forklifts), the first phase of the cleaning process involves applying a degreaser and heavy residue remover. After about 15 minutes, the degreasing agent, along with accumulated dirt, is removed using an extraction machine.

To thoroughly clean stains and remove damaged polish (e.g., from vinyl and linoleum floors), our hygienists use a rotary machine, neutralizer, and special detergent. Finally, a new layer of polish (matte or glossy) is applied, and the treated area is ready for use after two to three hours.

During this time, a warning sign about a wet and slippery floor is placed to avoid potential accidents.

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Restore hard floors in your commercial facility!

Invekta doesn’t question which type of hard floor is in your facility because it has a solution for the cleanliness and brilliance of each of them. Daily washing, restoration, and refreshing, deep cleaning, and final shine – the type and frequency of maintenance are determined by the activity you engage in.

Our services are adaptable and easily align with your needs, work dynamics, and available budget.

Once Invekta’s hygiene team takes over the hygiene maintenance of your business space, you’ll wonder how it could have functioned before. With us, dusty floors with grease buildup, tire marks, rust, and other dirt can become a thing of the past as soon as tomorrow.

And don’t worry: our supervisors will ensure that no industrial floor cleaning in your business facility ever falters in quality, not even by a single percent.

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