What is the significance of facility cleaning for your business?

Početna 5 Facility management 5 What is the significance of facility cleaning for your business?

Cleaning of premises, for those who are knowledgeable, implies professional sanitary maintenance of business spaces: offices, factory halls, warehouses. As well as hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, and more.

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The term professional does not only indicate organized and planned cleaning by skilled cleaners but also the use of industrial machines. And, products that are not available for household use.

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In detail commercial cleaning of premises

After the initial inspection of the premises (walkthrough, structure inspection, and plan creation), Invekta undertakes all activities that facility cleaning entails, including:

  • garbage removal (disposing of existing trash and replacing bags with new ones);
  • cleaning and wiping (removing dirt, dust, cobwebs, grease, and other stains from walls, ceilings, and mounted objects above eye level);
  • disinfection (spraying neutral disinfectant and wiping surfaces frequently touched and contaminated: doorknobs, switches, desks);
  • floor cleaning (vacuuming carpets from corner to corner, wiping with diluted detergents suitable for specific surfaces);
  • bathroom sanitation (thorough and proper disinfection of bathrooms and all items within: handles, sinks, faucets, toilets, urinals, changing shelves for infants);
  • restocking dispensers (paper towels / toilet paper, liquid soap / disinfectants);
  • safety measures (placing wet floor warning signs).
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Once our trained and experienced cleaners perform all the sanitary actions required by the business space, a phase of work performance control follows. The final inspection of each room and item is conducted by the head cleaner, ensuring the quality of cleanliness and returning inventory to its usable position. This completes the cleaning process, preparing the facility for new usage.

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How important is space sanitization for your business?

The exploitation of a facility correlates with many factors: its primary purpose, usage frequency, the number of people conducting activities within it. It also depends on its location and structure.

For example, production facilities and warehouses are usually located in suburban areas. They have direct outside access, and forklifts and other machines pass between shelves / machinery. These factors degrade the hygiene of such facilities more than, say, a shopping center or a healthcare institution, which have lobbies and designated access points.

If we were to compare, we could see that industrial sectors require more intensive cleaning of premises due to heavier dirt. Mud, leaves, other external dirt, packaging waste, layers of industrial oils, and tire marks demand more frequent deep and regenerative machine floor washing.

Compared to industrial spaces, commercial and public ones have higher foot traffic but generally less severe dirt. In these facilities, tiled with ceramic and other tiles, floor cleaning machines are also used. However, polishing machines are also added to achieve perfect floor coverings (including grout lines).

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What does this practically mean for your business?

To be concise, we will modify a folk saying to summarize the importance of cleaning of premises: cleanliness is half the conversion.

Let’s clarify. Assuming your worker/client/customer is „at the right place at the right time”, all conditions for safe and pleasant use of your business premises must be met.

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Whether it’s an office building, retail store, production facility, warehouse, or hospital room, cleanliness is common to all these environments. It acts as a kind of backdrop that gives a special ambiance, making the activity (meeting / shopping / production) more pleasant and enjoyable.

If cleanliness is lacking, be assured that over time users will start to feel uncomfortable, reduce visits to a minimum, and no gift/discount/bonus will attract them. Professionalism will lose its strength, and the business will suffer.

Impression, opinion, and feeling – these are the entities that count and hold weight. If these three entities are positive, everything is on your side – your business will flourish!
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Areas also covered by cleaning of premises

When aiming for thorough and systematic cleaning of premises, a significant part focuses on the HVAC system. Regarding the health benefits of all facility users, the heating, cooling, and ventilation system must have proper treatment.

Regular HVAC maintenance will significantly reduce the occurrence of various respiratory illnesses and allergies. This will protect your employees (who spend the most time in the space). And, all those who are there for much shorter periods (visitors / clients / associates / customers / guests).

Besides HVAC, solar panels on industrial facilities should not be overlooked. Their dirt will not endanger health but will negatively impact your company’s budget.

Costs will rise due to unnecessary use of electricity because of the reduced efficiency of solar panels and insufficient accumulation of light energy.

Therefore, it is crucial to entrust the panel cleaning job to a team that will safely and carefully enhance their hygiene and thus their efficiency.

For two decades, Invekta has been caring for the cleanliness standards of all business facility segments in the Republic of Serbia. Thanks to carefully selected cleaners and top-quality equipment, every space is refreshed, free of pathogens, and renewed. Send us a request for an offer to receive a proposal aligned with your needs.

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