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Cleaning critical business premises requires a special approach and organization. Interiors like server rooms, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, operating rooms and clinics, food factories must be hygienically treated in the most delicate manner. Primarily due to their special purpose and the equipment contained within.

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Why is cleaning critical business premises specific?

In correlation with technical and technological maintenance, cleaning critical business premises is an essential part of the overall care for the given object. To achieve their full potential, command rooms in electronic and energy plants must not be disturbed by any factors. And, dirt is certainly one of them.

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The same applies to the mentioned technical rooms where important software data is stored or those intended for surgical procedures/microbiological analyses. Such environments demand the highest degree of hygiene, and in medical contexts – sterility. The reason for this strict requirement is obvious: every possibility for pathogen contamination must be eliminated.

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Which sanitary stage is mandatory in special medical facilities?

Since operating rooms must always be ready even for unplanned interventions, their impeccable cleanliness must never be in question.

This also applies to postoperative, shock rooms, and intensive care units. Therefore, so-called medical cleaning is conducted continuously throughout the day, from ceiling to floor. And, all devices and furniture are mandatorily disinfected at the end. Instruments are, of course, sterilized in special devices – sterilizers.

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When it comes to food production factories, disinfection is also a mandatory step in hygienic treatment and food safety (regardless of the type). Only through these procedures can it be ensured that the final product reaches the end-users bacteriologically correct.

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How are command centers hygienically managed?

As new enterprises constantly open and large corporations become even bigger, the need for centers that store electronic data grows.

With the construction of each data center, a plan for regular, organized, and systematic cleaning follows.

Technical rooms with maximum protection (server rooms, control rooms/towers in power plants/at airports) have a very specific role. Their purpose is to maintain the continuous operation of the IT system. Or to manage high-tech equipment and facilities. They are, therefore, the „brain” of every modern complex management concept.

Cleaning critical business premises of this type is extremely important to avoid unwanted and potentially dangerous situations. For instance, none of them should contain trash, dust, and cobwebs. Nor grease and contaminants. To remove all unwanted and risky particles, Invekta uses industrial agents and highly efficient vacuum floor cleaning machines with triple HEPA air filtration.

Regular and carefully maintained hygiene prevents critical equipment failures that can result from contamination by airborne particles. This is the importance of specialized technical cleaning.

The glass on the cabinets in the server room should always be clean so that even the slightest warning can be easily read, preserving the company’s information core.

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This also applies to control panels with numerous buttons and lights for monitoring complex industrial plants (power plants, heating plants, etc.). Every number on the instruments needs to be clearly readable to monitor relevant parameter measurements and ensure energy efficiency and safety.

It goes without saying: gauges covered with dirt deposits are equivalent to recklessness, and if not cleaned, they risk serious danger.
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HVAC system and cleaning critical business premises

Air contaminated with dust, lint, and viruses is an enemy not only to health institutions but also to data storage. Therefore, hygiene teams pay special attention to removing even the finest dust. Especially after the construction of the facility, completion of final craftsmanship works, and rough cleaning.

When the facility starts operating, the focus, besides surface hygiene, is necessarily placed on the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. This system is of crucial importance for buildings without natural ventilation, which is why its cleanliness must never be in question. Primarily due to the potential development of sick building syndrome.

But also due to the potential overheating of high-tech equipment and cables in server rooms, which would result in power outages. It is clear that interruptions in operation would mean a huge financial loss. Therefore, it is vital to entrust the task of cleaning such „clean” zones and the hygienic-technical care of HVAC systems to specialized personnel.

Invekta’s professional hygiene teams, with the best equipment, can properly maintain the cleanliness of HVAC systems. Thanks to robots, even its hard-to-reach parts.

To carry out the cleaning of critical business premises efficiently and with maximum precaution, they undergo special training. Our experience shows that this is the only correct way to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of server and other systems. Even in urgent, crisis situations.

Call us and find out how we perform software monitoring over all stages of hygiene maintenance in business facilities. Including critical ones. And, if you are interested in such modernization of your business, we can provide the software for free use.

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