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Industrial cleaning refers to the complete hygienic treatment of both internal and external spaces within a commercial facility. An industrial park or another commercial center.

In the following text, we will focus on industrial parks and explain in more detail the concept of professional hygiene maintenance within them.

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Wherever the commercial zone is located, industrial cleaning must always be available

Industrial or business parks represent an organized concentration of factory plants, affiliated facilities, and infrastructure in a specific region. Despite the numerous advantages of having these parks in urban areas, they are increasingly being relocated to areas outside of residential zones. This is due to the growing demands concerning environmental protection, as well as pragmatic and economic factors.

The areas of industrial complexes usually connect the facilities of a single company. Production halls, warehouses, chemical plants, garages, parking lots, distribution hubs, and administrative buildings. However, multiple companies can also be found within these complexes, making them somewhat similar to self-sustaining cities. In this regard, like residential buildings, they require all kinds of maintenance: technical, sanitary, botanical-dendrological, ecological

And, Invekta’s teams are always available and ready to provide all the aforementioned services (and more). With mandatory software monitoring of the execution of work orders.
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What activities does the maintenance of hygiene in industrial parks and units involve?

As an essential element of caring for a complex factory system, industrial cleaning involves the following mandatory elements:

  • engagement of specialized technicians who have undergone special training;
  • professional machines for washing and polishing hard floors;
  • industrial chemicals for all stages of cleaning;
  • other tools and resources (mops, ladders, telescopic poles, climbing equipment, etc.);
  • equipment for special hygienic maintenance (HVAC, solar panels);
  • additionally: professional machines and vehicles for landscaping and snow removal.
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Photo: Freepik, Aleksandar Little Wolf

The cleaning services, as well as the timing and duration of their execution, are adjusted to the given facility and the general needs of the business. Thus, Invekta’s cleaners provide support to industrial facilities before (re)opening. And – they continue with regular, daily cleaning and periodic, general cleaning.

Diligently and responsibly conducting general cleaning, they perform the final preparation for the exploitation of a facility that is about to (re)start. They remove remnants of packaging and materials left behind by construction works, dust, soil deposits, and other impurities from floors, walls, glass, and other surfaces.

In this way, they ensure a clean, healthy, and safe working environment for your employees, simultaneously enabling conditions for their unobstructed work and the highest level of productivity.

And, regardless of what the factory produces (food, medicines, engines, appliances) or what products the warehouse stores (electronics, clothing, baby equipment, construction materials), hygiene cannot be neglected.

industrial cleaning invekta 4

Photo: Freepik, Usertrmk

The same applies to the potential presence of pests and insects – deratization and disinfection are mandatory. Both from the standpoint of health safety and the protection of machines, electrical devices, materials, and stored goods.

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Industrial floor cleaning

Thanks to the most efficient professional machines for industrial cleaning of floors, designed for large areas, every part of the hard surface will be thoroughly cleaned.

industrial cleaning invekta 3

Photo: Invekta / Freepik, Wirestock

With driving and push machines selected according to the size and structure of the facility, Invekta’s hygiene technicians skillfully and knowledgeably use them to achieve the best results. This means washing and polishing the floor meticulously and without any damage (scratches, removal of protective layers, color changes, final polish, etc.).

For such goals, nothing is left to chance. Neither the selection and recruitment of hygiene technicians, nor the technology, nor the auxiliary tools for work. That’s why we choose only the best for all three segments. Responsible machinists with experience, manufacturers like Ruby, Hako, Wirbel, and others, the most effective chemicals, and foreign equipment.

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What else, in terms of hygiene, could be needed for your industrial facility?

Besides the mentioned regular and general cleanings, industrial facilities (according to their specifications) may also require maintenance of HVAC systems. As well as cleaning of solar panels.

Modern production plants integrate an automatic heating, cooling, and ventilation system that must be maintained. Its proper technical / hygienic maintenance is necessary to avoid sick building syndrome and protect employee health. Another reason is to ensure optimal conditions for storing goods that should not be exposed to variable conditions (temperature, humidity).

Considering the health prophylaxis of those residing in the given space, primary personal hygiene products (soaps, disinfectants, towels, and toilet paper) should not be forgotten. Nor should dispensers and holders for their simple daily use.

When it comes to solar panels on factory halls and in solar parks, they cannot function properly and be maximally efficient if dirt is not regularly removed from them.

If you think your facility might need another type of care, check out the other services we offer. And, if you have additional questions and requests, you can contact us in several ways: by phone (+381 64 70 595 39), by email (office@invekta.rs), or via the inquiry form.


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