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Facility services are something without which the business facility cannot function properly and provide expected results.

Whether it is production, industrial or warehouse premises, offices, hotels, trade centers, and market chains. Or hospitals, pharmacies, sports facilities, and arenas, airports, and exhibition salons…

The string is practically infinite because the economy and industry develop a lightning speed and new companies are constantly established.

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No matter how different, all these properties have something common: they must meet high standards of purity, technical correctness and security. Without exceptions and without any concessions.
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What are the Top 3 Facility Services in Serbia?

The three most sought-after service activities of commercial facilities in our country are:

  • cleaning (60%);
  • technical maintenance (22%);
  • security (18%).

What does the name facility management outsourcing signify?

Many words in one place? Don’t worry, we will explain this three-member concept and bring you closer to the importance of this type of modern cooperation.

Outsourcing, meaning cooperation with external partners, is an ideal solution for your branch office (or for more) if you want:

  1. make communication with performers on the ground faster, simpler, and fertile;
  2. improve the productivity of their workers;
  3. reduce expenditures on a minimum measure;
  4. perform computer monitoring of work and employees in each minute.

Should the facility service have an external partner?

If you are convinced that you can do everything yourself, so that everything should stay „in the family circle“, ie. firms, continue reading.

Facility management (complete business-facility maintenance management) includes a number of complex and responsible tasks:

For these jobs, it is necessary to engage a large number of people and procure expensive industries, and the proven equipment of reliable world manufacturers. As in other activities, I cannot compare the experience and acquired knowledge here, and their absence can also cost them.

Understanding that the long-term profitability of this service was in one place, from one performer, most companies are decided today for outsourcing. In this way, it releases caring for employment of new workers, procurement of professional work and – end results.

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Photo: Pexels, Anete Lusina

As a company specializing in the provision of communal services from the domain of all business facilities, Invekta can respond to all needs.

And 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year! It’s a privilege that has been enjoying our clients for 20 years and that we are especially proud of.

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Additional advantages of facility services outsourcing

The benefits you realize with this type of business could be classified into four dominant:

  1. Communication only by one, common providers of all services, significantly saves energy and time because all requirements have the same address.
  2. Thanks to the clean, orderly and safe business space, you provide ideal hygiene conditions for work. Which not only will not endanger the health of your workers, but will contribute to their psychophysical well-being and satisfaction. Thus and significantly greater work performance and planned operational outcome.
  3. Healthy and ready to fulfill business orders, the persons you employ will rarely go to sick leave, which will reduce the direct costs of this type of absence. In addition, consequential expenses for hiring replacement or overtime hours of colleagues will not affect your budget.
  4. The most modern type of business involves automation of many processes, especially monitoring: work, employees, premises and raw materials. Invekta for this purpose implements sophisticated software, which completely free to use you, your clients.
So, our goal is to help you, on the one hand, save time, reduce investment and expenses, and from another to increase the success of your firm.
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Characteristics of good facility management

Object management is, therefore, old that all systems managed in working units together function properly and without stall. And, appropriate working conditions are created through routine and planned maintenance. Because, only adequate and timely maintenance facilities ensure safe work environment and reduce the consumption.

In charge of maintenance and repairs in corporate buildings, facility managers are directed towards strategic planning and operational performance. Of course, in accordance with legal regulations and applicable regulations on the health and security of all users of the given facilities.

Business buildings only fully fulfill the intended purpose, and staff be healthy, expeditiously and maximally productive.

Invekta’s advantage and solid position at the local facility scene last two decades, in the first place, in the selection of quality staff to perform certain tasks.

Our working team has more than four hundred employees: hygienists, physical workers and drivers, security officers, mountaineering fads, landscape architects, psychopathologists and pyrotechnics.

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On the second and not less important place there is a permanent investment in the highest quality means of operation: industrial equipment for each part of the maintenance. This segment of our debts involves the purchase of the most modern technological equipment, the highest quality machines and tools for cleaning, polishing and deep wash, as well as professional chemicals.

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Are you still thinking about whether your company needs facility services? Think again!

You know that feeling when you understand in a few words with your business associates and when you know that your accounts will fulfill the way you imagined and at the agreed deadline?

You get that reciprocity with an Invekta. We will greatly understand the needs of your company and your business goals. And, in accordance with them, elaborate the maintenance plan.

Fulfillment of the time frameworks and high-quality services are our protective sign, by which we are well known by large corporations and institutions, as well as medium enterprises.

Our motto is: always on standby, always ready!

Therefore, do not hesitate: complete the query for the offer and quickly expect our call. And, if you would take the initiative after all, call us on weekdays, 8–16 h.: +381 64 70 595 39 or write us: office@invekta.rs.

And, let it be, as Humphrey Bogart would say: „This is the beginning of a wonderful friendship“.


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